50 km


3:15 h

Dislivello 730 m
Quota massima 340 m
Consumo calorico ca. 1500 Cal
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From the Resort, travel to Sferracavallo along a paved road for about 6 km, then move off-road along the river Paglia for 4 km, to the town of Ciconia, where you take the SS71 for another 7 km to the junction for Poggio Montone.

At a height of 150 meters, cycle for 12 km of uphill, gravel road until you reach an altitude of 320 m in the town of La Sala, surrounded by the Antinori Farm’s endless vineyards – Castello della Sala (about 160 hectares of vineyards). A short detour allows a view of the beautiful winery and the impressive IV Century, Sala Castle.

Then, return to the route and reach “I Calanchi” (The Badlands), spectacular sandstone formations. Ride the crests for about a kilometer, with overhanging passages on breathtaking ridges. Now, prepare for the most technical part of this route: a steep downhill, off-road ride that takes you back to 170 m in less than 1 km.

After a flat stretch and a small ford crossing, a new climb awaits you, short but challenging: in just 2 km, you reach an altitude of 260 m. From there, descend to Allerona Scalo and ride 15 km of flat, paved road to Sferracavallo. Once at Sferracavallo, you turn for Rocca Ripesena and head back to the Altarocca Wine Resort, facing the last climb: 5 km on an asphalt road with a 160 m, drop.