Enjoy the varied and articulated landscape dotted with grapevines and olive trees, and do not forget to taste some of the tempting recipes of Orvieto cuisine, so that you can enjoy the simple, yet flavorful taste of crude extra virgin olive oil.

Whether you pour it on bread, on legumes, on vegetables, spice and drizzle it on a fine cut Chianina steak, or add just enough to a tasty local plate of homemade soup, its added flavor will astonish you. Every year at the Altarocca Wine Resort, during the end of October, you may witness the typical handpicking cultivation of the olives of our organic farm. And soon afterwards, during the milling season, you may taste the new extra virgin organic olive oil produced, a special occasion for those who wish to combine a relaxing stay with the simple flavors of ancient times. The bruschetta will also amaze even the most skeptical of our visitors: take a slice of hot, unsalted bread, and add fresh olive oil, salt, and for the most daring, a garlic clove.

Pubblicato il 6 April 2017