The Umbria Tango Meeting finally arrives in Orvieto after the success of the first two editions held in Perugia and Spoleto.

This is how the Orvieto Tango Festival was established, and it will take place on the Orvieto Cliff from Thursday, June 29th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2017. Enjoy four days of tango, theater performances, live music, workshops and shows!

Under the artistic direction of Alberto Colombo, the program for this edition, rich in events, includes the participation of five pairs of internationally renowned dancers: Alberto Colombo and Celine Ruiz, Simone Facchini and Gioia Abballe, Eloy Octavio Souto and Laura Elizondo, Giampiero Galdi and Maria Affiliates, and Antonella Terrazas and Csongor Kicsi.

Piazza Duomo, Palazzo dei Sette, Teatro Mancinelli, Palazzo del Gusto and the Church of San Giacomo represent an elegant frame to set the stage for the event. The dances will open with the preview of the Tango Rojo Show that will be on stage at Teatro Mancinelli on Thursday, June 29th, under the artistic direction of Antonella Terrazas with live music by the Solo Tango Orchestra.

The festival is organized by the Argentine Tango School, Alicetango, directed by the unstoppable Paolo Selmi.

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June 29th to July 2nd, 2017

Pubblicato il 15 June 2017