38 km


3:15 h

Dislivello 680 m
Quota massima 600 m
Consumo calorico ca. 1100 Cal
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Upon leaving the Resort, you face the most challenging climb of the route, a 1.5 km stretch through the Rocca Ripesena woods with a 130 m, drop.

As you exit the forest, you see the magnificent “Vigna S. Quirico” vineyard, and reach a plateau, from which there is a path that leads to the picturesque Castle of San Quirico.

Here, stop to take some unforgettable photos of the view. Leave the castle and ride along a dirt road for about 7,5km to the town of Castel Giorgio and, after crossing the Maremma SS76, proceed for another 4.5 km, first on a paved road, then on a dirt road to the splendid site of Montalfina at an altitude of 570 m.

After a short stop in this enchanting hamlet, built in the 15th century around an 8th century tower, and uninhabited since the beginning of the 19th century due to the brigands’ raids, return to Castel Giorgio, alternating dirt and paved roads to the town of Canonica.

Next, you face a small ford and enjoy a fun, off-road ride to Sasso Tagliato, an impressive route with some passages carved in tuff, which, after about 3.5 km, emerges onto the SS 71, offering a spectacular view of the Orvieto cliff. From here, immediately dive into another off-road adventure, through a pleasant succession of uphill-downhill runs along a gravel road immersed in the woods, until you reach the Sugano lake, which you ride along the outskirts of, for a small stretch by pedaling no more than 50 cm from the water!

Time to head back to the Resort, and conquer the last 4 km climb on a paved road with a drop of approximately 160 m.