Situated just a short drive from the Orvieto cliff, or a mere hour long walk along the path of the old communal road, there is another smaller cliff called Rocca Ripesena, at the foot of which stands an ancient village.

Combining as few other localities do, the harmony and beauty of a land where the work of man and that of nature have found their greatest expression, it is in this sublime location, where the Altarocca Wine Resort was established in 2012. The Town of the Roses Project, initiated in late 2014, was established under the authoritative, scientific leadership of the Orvieto expert Walter Branchi, a renowned, passionate connoisseur of roses. Thanks to the commitment of many volunteers, Rocca Ripesena is now considered one of the few villages in Italy that boasts a didactic path with hundreds of varieties of roses that decorate alleys, courtyards, tuff walls and unexpected, hidden corners. Visitors follow this path of roses to the top of the Rocca where they may discover Orvieto in all its glory. Rocca Ripensa with its rose circuit from all over the world has truly become the Town of the Roses. Giving entirely new meaning to “stop and smell the roses”, you must experience it to believe it!

Pubblicato il 26 April 2017