The Marmore Waterfall, the highest in Europe, is just 60 km from Orvieto and has an ancient natural history, closely linked to the geological vicissitudes that the territory has undergone over the last 500,000 years.

These vicissitudes determined the conditions that led the Velino River to flow into the Black River at the height of the area now known as “Le Marmore”.

The ingenious hydraulic intervention (271 BC) of the Roman Console, Curio Dentato is an important axis for regulating the surface water drainage of a large area, involving two of the main waterways of Central Italy.

In addition to the spectacular view provided by the waters of the Velino and Black Rivers, the Marmore Waterfall area offers tourists the opportunity to visit a large hiking area, consisting of a Natural Park and 6 trails of varying lengths and difficulty. After about 20 minutes of walking along trail n.1, well worth the hike, you reach “The Lovers’ Balcony”. Right there, directly in front of you is the first jump of the Waterfall. You find yourself “inside” the powerful water jet, to the point where you need a raincoat to be able to stand there and enjoy the view (rain gear is on sale at the ticket office). It is a small terrace at the end of the “Lovers’ Tunnel”, set in the travertine rock, centimeters from the Waterfall: just stretch out your arm to “touch” the waters of the Velino River in freefall. An experience for the strong at heart!

Why “the Lovers”?┬áBecause it is traditionally a favorite spot for couples. Moreover, the Marmore Waterfall is linked to the myth of Saint Valentine, the first bishop of Terni (3rd century BC), patron of the city and protector of lovers. The legend of the “Bride’s wedding veil” tells that the saint, in order to demonstrate the purity of the beautiful Nerina questioned by her companion, struck the cliff with his pastoral staff, and created a water jet in the form of a beautiful wedding veil.

Pubblicato il 25 February 2017