The elaboration of pork is a work of art in Orvieto and the surrounding territory, and there are many unique products that reflect the great skill of the pork butchers of the territory.

One must taste the products to fully comprehend their incredible flavor, like the legendary pork sandwiches, found at the specialty street stalls. Also, popular in Orvieto and its surroundings, the Chianina meat can be bought from some accredited butchers, and it is the best meat to prepare thinly sliced steak (tagliata) and other typical recipes. Remember to try the salted prosciutto together with the local, unsalted bread, wild boar salami or flavored truffle, the capocollo and fresh or dried sausages spiced with chili peppers. Add the legendary coppa to your list of typical cold cuts, made with the hidden parts of the pig, adequately cooked, seasoned and boiled, a particularly flavorful and tasty specialty. On family-run farms in Orvieto’s countryside, you can also find excellent chicken, pigeon, pheasant and rabbit meat, backyard animals raised like the days gone by.

Pubblicato il 27 November 2016