Variety of grapes



Plant spacing: 2,70 x 0,90 m
Growing system: spurred cordon
Average age of vines: 13 years


Mainly volcanic, sedimentary, clayish
Altitude 300 m


Manual picking, from the beginning up to mid September


Grapes: 60 q/ha – Wine: 40 hl/ha


Maceration with traditional method of grape skins in contact for 10-12 days. First extraction with replacement of a part of the must and continuous pumping over up to the end of fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature with selected yeasts.


2-3 months in stainless steel containers
14 months in french sessile oak casks
10-12 months in bottles

Organoleptic features

Deep ruby red color. Impacting and full in the nose: scent of cherry with hints of blackberries and plums. The taste is smooth and sharp, has good alcohol and durable finish with a pleasant fruity return.

Producer’s recommendations

Best coupling with complex first courses, braised and stewed meats , aged cheese and game.
To be served at 16-18°C.