Altarocca Villas Orvieto

Orvieto, the city of the well of San Patrizio, the duomo (cathedral), and the tufa caves, may be defined as a true outdoor museum, representing the different historical epochs, such as the Etruscan and the Medieval periods.

Today, we can admire and touch this important history with our fingertips as we stroll among its monuments, through the characteristic pathways, or visit its museums. And it is precisely by visiting Orvieto that it is possible to understand its uniqueness and discover other rich nuances, including its craftsmanship, history, wine and good food. If the cliff represents the historical center par excellence of the city of Orvieto, the territory surrounding it is certainly no less interesting. Explore this vast territory that borders Lazio and Tuscany, which alternates fertile hills cultivated with vineyards and olive groves with typical clay areas of the argillaceous gullies. A few kilometers from the city there are charming villages such as Civita di Bagnoregio and natural sites that will leave you breathless, such as Lake Bolsena.