Panoramic gym

In ancient times, the gym did not only serve as a means for staying fit, but it was also the place where physical education was intertwined with that of the spirit and intellect in the pursuit of “mens sana in corpore sano”, a sound mind and body.

A proposal characterized by our fitness room selectively equipped with Technogym equipment, specifically chosen by the Altarocca Wine Resort for body builders and all of our guests committed to staying healthy by exercising regularly. Located in an external structure in front of the reception, the panoramic gym is air conditioned and completely surrounded by greenery with breathtaking views.

The room and the machines are sanitized twice a day by the cleaning staff: in the evening after closing and at 3.30 pm. Our guests can disinfect the equipment themselves with the provided sprays. It is recommended not to leave personal towels and sheets inside the gym.