Safe welcome

Reception: upon arrival each guest must wear a mask; we also request that only one person representing the entire group of guests approach the Reception Desk on behalf of the group. Sanitized electronic room keys will be provided at this time, as well as useful information for your stay.

Check in on-line: as your arrival date approaches, you will receive an email requesting the personal data of each guest staying at the resort to accommodate your check-in and to avoid long waits and gatherings in the reception. Please complete the form entirely before your arrival.

Check out: the reception can accommodate only one person at a time. In order to avoid unpleasant waiting, we remind you that it is possible to check out already the evening before your departure; the reception is at your disposal until 11pm.

Rooms, Suites, and Apartments: In addition to daily cleaning and sanitization, disinfection of the entire accommodation will be carried out at each check-out using special ozone machinery. The sanitization of the air conditioning system filters will also be intensified.

Breakfast: in this period where our rich and colorful buffet can not be set up, you will find the generous variety of quality products included in a detailed list available through QRcode. Our attentive staff will be happy to prepare a plate of your selected items and perform the service directly at your table. In this way all appropriate safety and hygiene measures will be adopted. We request that guests enter the breakfast room wearing a mask and to remove the mask only after being seated at the table. Physical distancing measures will be applied within the breakfast room. At the end of each breakfast service, the room will be sanitized using special ozone machinery.

Restaurant: to ensure the appropriate distancing combined with the greater comfort of our guests, instead of installing aseptic separators between the restaurant tables, we decided to transfer the service of the Restaurant Invinum (open every evening and on Sunday for lunch) in the large banquet room and in the surrounding pool. The daily service of our Bistrot, with light and fast dishes, is as always available from Monday to Saturday for lunch in the Lounge in Villa Gualtieri in winter and by the Gualtieri Pool in Summer. Thanks to the large indoor and outdoor spaces available, our guests may continue to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and live unforgettable evenings in absolute safety. Access to the restaurants is permitted only with a reservation for the time agreed. All the guests must wear a mask, which may be removed after being seated at the table. The menu and the wine list will be made available directly on your device (smartphone or tablet) by simply photographing the QR codes that will be provided to you. At the end of each service, the restaurant rooms will be sanitized using special ozone machinery.

Altarocca Wine Spa: in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, in order to garantee an exclusive, reserved and totally safe experience, the access to the “nude wellness” area (saunas, Turkish bath, Mediterranean bath, hydromassage pools, relaxation area) is available booking our new proposal 2021 “Exclusive Spa Rilievo”. The “Beauty” area with private spas for individual and couple’s wellness treatments and cabins for massages and beauty treatments will be regularly accessible from 2 pm to 7 pm, by appointment only.

Gym: According to the provisions of D.L. n.105 of 23/07/2021 and the D.p.c.m. of 17/06/2021 access is allowed only to owners of Green Pass. Verification of the validity of the Green Pass is carried out by authorized personnel. The room and the machines are sanitized twice a day by the cleaning staff: in the evening after closing and at 3.30 pm. Our guests can disinfect the equipment themselves with the provided sprays. It is recommended not to leave personal towels and sheets inside the gym.

Internal common areas: the frequency of cleaning and the disinfection of all rooms will be intensified with particular attention to the elevator buttons, door and window handles etc. Various stations will be set up inside the facility for sanitizing hands with hydro-alcoholic gel solutions. In rooms equipped with an air conditioning system, constant air exchange will be promoted and the frequency of sanitizing the filters will be intensified. We request that our guests always wear a mask and pay particular attention to carefully respecting interpersonal distancing.