Daily skin care, or the action universally known as the “skincare routine,” requires several steps, each of which are fundamental and none of which should be neglected!

Embracing the philosophy of WINE THERAPY, which improves skin hydration and elasticity, and OIL THERAPY, which activates cellular energy and improves the anti-aging process, the ALTAROCCA WINE SPA NATURAL COSMETICS LINE treats skin imbalances and impurities in depth, ensuring visible results over time.

Each Altarocca Wine Spa face and body product is the result of a cosmetic combination of nature and pharmacological science. Moreover, the products are also free of parabens, preservatives, dyes, paraffins and SLES, and are entirely created using natural raw materials of the highest quality and Zero KM products, such as organic wine and extra virgin olive oil from the Altarocca Cantina and the Altarocca Frantoio, respectively.

The Altarocca Wine Spa daily skin care routine involves following seven simple steps:

1. Start your day with an invigorating shower to dilate your pores and relax your skin. Massage the Di-Vine Exfoliating Shower Gel over your entire body and rinse with warm water to soothe and tighten skin.
2. After drying off, gently and thoroughly rub the Regenerating Hydrating Oil or Body Modeling Emulsion on your body. The oil leaves skin feeling soft and supple and reduces stretch marks, while the emulgent promotes a purifying action, which rids skin of toxins and fights skin blemishes.
3. Then, concentrate on cleansing your face by removing any makeup residue with the Face Moisturizing Milk. You will be amazed by how clean and well-hydrated your skin feels.
4. Apply the Ialuronic Face Tonic (to be used in the evening as well) which, thanks to its soothing effect will allow your skin to effectively absorb the products that follow.
5. It’s time for the Anti-aging Face Lift Serum. Rich in hyaluronic acid, it moisturizes, brightens, and tightens your skin, combating wrinkles.
6. After applying the Serum, the Eye Contour Cream should be applied and gently tapped around the eyes to reduce bags and dark circles.
7. Finally, apply the face cream that best suits your skin type by choosing from the following products:
Super Moisturizing Face Cream, recommended for sensitive skin. Provides hydration and promotes cell regeneration.
Balancing Face Cream, recommended for combination skin. Ideal for reducing impurities, it restores balance to the epidermis and evens out skin tone.
Anti-aging Face Lift Cream, recommended for dry and normal skin. This product will tighten your skin making it smooth and compact.

Download the Skincare Routine Altarocca Wine Spa to always take with you!

Try nature, your skin will thank you!