EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – The international excellence of Frantoio Altarocca

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as “the green gold” of Italy, is an internationally renowned excellence present in all homes. Along wine, it is the main product of the Umbrian territory as well as a fundamental element of the gastronomy culture of our country.

Why is this fruit so important? Its beneficial properties range from nutrition to health, making this historically cultivated natural product one of the most complete and versatile in existence. It is a fundamental ingredient in the famous Mediterranean diet: a lifestyle choice that places a healthy diet at its foundation with food selections accompanied by extra virgin olive oil, preferably used raw to enhance its many beneficial properties.

Tradition and modern science agree on the importance of Evo Oil as an integral part of a correct diet. Moreover, several studies confirm the exceptional impact that extra virgin olive oil confers within the aesthetics sector in creams and skincare solutions.
The combination of science and tradition, in fact, may also be found in the use of extra virgin olive oil as an emollient and soothing product for the skin.
Rich in polyphenols, nowadays, Evo Oil is used in body creams and lotions because of its highly antioxidant properties, which combat tissue aging and counteract inflammatory conditions of the epidermis. An excellent moisturizer, the properties of Evo Oil increase elasticity making the skin younger and more luminous over time. It is perfect as a make-up remover, because it is able to dissolve make-up and residues that would clog pores, and it is ideal in combination with salt or another exfoliating component, for a delicate and smoothing scrub.

It is based precisely on these intrinsic principles that in 2018 the Natural Cosmetics Line of Altarocca Wine Spa was established.

Over 2000 plants of three different varieties including leccino, moraiolo and frantoio, spread across approximately four hectares of hilly land, in the family for generations, still today contribute to the production of Frantoio Altarocca certified organic extra virgin olive oil.
Centuries of traditions therefore accompany and honor this fruit of the earth, which has always been an integral part of the history of Altarocca Wine Resort.

Our cultivation is characterized by meticulous care of the soil exclusively through natural grassing, without any chemical intervention, and by a rigorous manual harvesting of the olives, which are then immediately transferred to the brand new Oil Mill adjacent to the olive grove, for cold pressing.
Choosing Extra Virgin Olive Oil means consciously choosing to love yourself, from the table to your daily beauty treatments, for a holistic, all natural approach to self-care and wellness.