A Villa Holiday: the Heart of Umbria Beats to your Drum

Spending a holiday period in a villa for exclusive use allows you to gather your family and loved ones in one special place and provides you with a unique and customized experience.
But that is only the beginning: let’s take a closer look at the four main advantages of a villa holiday

1 – A Villa Holiday is Synonymous with Freedom

There are no hours or schedules that you do not decide to plan. And even if there are many other people spending the holiday with you, the villa ensures adequate room and a flexible rhythm of life that will allow anyone to enjoy their holiday according to how they choose to spend their time.

Do some of your guests wish to spend a late evening sipping cocktails by the pool while others wish to wake up early to do yoga during the wee hours of the morning? In a villa, anything is possible: there is more than enough room for each guest to live their own personal ideal of a true vacation.

The rooms are also large and spacious, much more so than a hotel room, and this environment helps to create a perception of space with room to breathe.

That’s it! In a villa, you experience the delicious sensation of finally being able to breathe.

The farmhouse “L’uva e le stelle” (The grapes and the stars) at Altarocca Wine Resort, for example, offers this possibility: there are different common areas, carefully designed, and suitable for spending moments of absolute peace and tranquility, whether you are alone or in company.
The welcoming entrance houses a lovely living room with a large fireplace, an ideal place to read a book while sipping a cocktail or having your afternoon tea. The large dining room is the perfect place to enjoy moments of conviviality with its exclusive table made with precious antique wood.
An even more peaceful environment, the spacious living room illuminated by large windows overlooking the garden, is a picturesque setting to spend pleasant moments of relaxation on the comfortable sofas, while tasting a local wine or distillate from the private wine cellar carved into the rock.

Your moments of rest will be spent in spacious bedrooms, each of which has its own private bathroom, distributed between the ground floor and the first floor. There are six rooms in all, bright and furnished in a refined and elegant style with Queen and King Size beds.
The use of which is even more exclusive due to their location in a small annex in the garden.

If you choose to dictate the pace of your holiday: even the daily activities may be planned according to whatever you may desire. What to do, and when to do it are always your choices to make and create. There are no time restrictions on using the pool; you can barbeque on the grill at any moment of the day, and a midnight sauna is always possible, because the sauna is available for your private use at all hours.
There is no dress code in place for dining, zero formalities, no obligations: simply the pleasure of enjoying the company of those with whom you have chosen to live an unforgettable vacation.

“L’uva e le stelle” is designed for exclusive relaxation. A private SPA inside the farmhouse with a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a Jacuzzi awaits you at any time of the day. Even the Technogym equipped gym is ready for your most intensive workouts; after which, enjoy a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, with the relaxation area equipped with sun loungers, deck chairs and umbrellas.

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2 – A Villa Holiday is Private and Safe

Spending a holiday in a villa means having an exclusive environment all to yourself, to be shared only with the people with whom you have chosen to spend your vacation.

Moments of joy and celebration will be made even more special because you will enjoy them in total privacy, as well as many other moments throughout the day, especially for the little ones: strolling down the path to the pool, and relaxing in the garden, while sunbathing or reading a good book. All moments in which you will not have to worry about how you are dressed or that you will disturb anyone.
Moreover, an exclusive villa means a safe vacation: the large spaces available provide you with the freedom to safely live your holiday without crowded places and unpleasant social distancing.

No one other than the people you have chosen to host will be present in the structure, making the process simple and immediate, creating a sort of tiny “bubble” in which everyone can be calmer, more serene and live freely. No strangers, no uncertainty. An ideal situation, for example, if there are particularly fragile or elderly people in your family

3 – A Villa Holiday is Excellent “Value for your Money”

At first glance, it may seem that this is not the case, but for large groups the exclusive villa solution is extremely convenient from an economic standpoint: much more so than a hotel or a resort shared with other people.

“L’uva e le stelle” of Altarocca, for example, offers, in one unique environment, internal and external common areas, luxurious bedrooms equipped with every comfort, an exclusive outdoor swimming pool with a relaxation area, a modern, fully equipped kitchen, a dining room capable of comfortably seating all the occupants of the house, the private SPA, the whirlpool: everything you could ever desire for your holiday.

There are no surprises, extras, hidden costs, everything is included in the rent of the location. With extreme clarity, you know how much you will spend and what you have in return for the duration of your stay.

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4 – A Villa Holiday Allows you to Work While Relaxing on Vacation (If you Must)

Not everyone has the opportunity to completely disconnect from their work commitments. Whether you have a company and responsibilities or a job that allows you to operate remotely as long as you have a good internet connection, you may need a break from the daily grind, to spend time with loved ones in a location that allows you to combine rest, good company, and the opportunity to work in a peaceful setting.

From one moment to the next, whether you are on a work call or taking a moment to simply reflect in a natural context: the villa setting satisfies a variety of needs.

A place like “L’uva e le stelle”, the latest gem in the Altarocca Villas Collection, is the perfect solution: the large indoor and outdoor spaces always allow you to find a corner of peace and tranquility, while working on your laptop, and the wifi network in all the rooms brings the whole world into this little corner of Umbrian paradise.

Oftentimes, we also receive reservations for corporate “retreats”: work groups that need to work intensively on an important project, or colleagues who work every day in smart-working, talking and building value via chat and video calls. These companies meet once a year in person to celebrate achievements and brainstorm future challenges.

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“L’uva e le stelle” is the Altarocca farmhouse in the heart of Umbria

“L’uva e le stelle” is the Altarocca farmhouse in the territory of the small Borgo di Porano, in the heart of Umbria: we are located 5 km from Orvieto, and 8 km from the magical place that is Civita di Bagnoregio, a Heritage of Humanity candidate.

Visit this link from our website to read about all of the characteristics of the structure detailed above.

We believe that a place like “L’uva e le stelle” is ideal for week-long stays: the perfect amount of time to breathe, reflect, unwind and reconnect with the people you love, and the surrounding nature. For this reason, we accept reservations for a minimum 7-night stay (from Saturday to Saturday).

To book “L’uva e le stelle”, and to provide you with a completely personalized experience, we ask you to contact us directly. In this way, we will more effectively build the offer that best suits your needs.

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