Altarocca Wine Resort and the choice to become an “Adults Only” establishment

At Altarocca Wine Resort, we have chosen to cater to adults and children over the age of 14, thereby becoming one of the few “Adults Only” resorts (without small children) in Umbria.

Establishing limits on hospitality for an accommodation facility, is not without great entrepreneurial risks in terms of image: by excluding certain categories you risk the negative reactions of many.

As this was a difficult decision, perhaps even risky, we would like to inform our current and future clientele of the reasons we came to this conclusion, aware that full transparency will allow our guests to completely comprehend this well pondered choice.

We carefully studied the requests of each of our guests and we recognized that something was evolving in terms of our customers, their characteristics and above all their needs.

We reflected a great deal, especially over the last two years when travel constraints led several families with small children to choose Altarocca Wine Resort for a Nature Holiday.

When we questioned ourselves (a practice that should be done regularly in this profession) about the positive and negative aspects of our guests’ experiences, a fact emerged that was extremely important to us.

Most of our guests are couples, small groups of friends without children, families of adults who want to spend a few peaceful and relaxing days together or people who are in Orvieto on business. And the children?

In taking a closer look, we do not offer activities reserved for small children nor do we have outdoor play areas, so Altarocca Wine Resort risks to be a boring place, without entertainment or other small children for our youngest guests to meet and play with.

Because we are also parents here at Altarocca, we know very well how difficult boredom can be for our children and how much their disappointment directly affects us as parents, because we have the responsibility and joy of always caring for their needs.

We have learned that by trying to focus on satisfying the needs of all our guests, we run the risk of not achieving the highest level of satisfaction possible for most of our guests, and this is precisely what we want to avoid from now on.

In the art of hospitality there is an unwritten rule, one of those fundamental characteristics for doing your job well: focus on your strengths, while recognizing your weaknesses.

Altarocca Wine Resort was conceived to be an ideal getaway for those looking for relaxation, silence, a slower pace, pampering, tranquility, nature, a historical setting, the haute cuisine experiences of our Invinum Gourmet Restaurant, the immersive tastings of our extra virgin olive oil or organic wine

that we produce in Cantina Altarocca, which are intertwined with the treatments and rituals of wine and oil therapy of our Wine Spa. We are therefore the ideal place for those traveling alone, with friends, or with loved ones.

For these guests, we can provide the best of what we have to offer to make their experience and stay truly memorable.


Happy Parents

Yes, it is true, the decision to become an “Adults Only” resort will lead many families to no longer consider us as a destination for their family vacation.

We also believe that this choice will allow us to focus all our attention on those guests who prefer us to other destinations, those individuals who choose to pamper themselves with intimate and romantic moments of total relaxation, including those parents who need an escape to focus on intimacy and romance with silence in the background, the moon in the sky and the potpourri of intense scents of the rich natural Orvieto countryside: a land perfect for practicing sports, with a breathtaking landscape to admire while relaxing in our private SPA, perhaps after a soothing massage.

When hospitality is one’s mission, the only way to make everyone happy is to provide the greatest service possible for the majority of our clientele. However, we wish to emphasize that we did not “give up” on children to preserve peace within the Altarocca Wine Resort: we did it to create serenity within the minds of our guests, first and foremost the parents themselves.