Slow Tourism: Savor the Moment to Appreciate the Little Things in Life

What does Slow Tourism mean? More than a type of tourism, it may be viewed as a genuine philosophy, almost a lifestyle choice.
At Altarocca Wine Resort our approach to living life greatly reflects this method of travel and tourism, and today we would like to explain how.

In Slow Tourism, by definition, the basic model is slowness, a guiding principle in which every moment of the journey is lived as an experience rich in emotions to be fully savored.
By living slowly, time expands, leaving room for the emotional encounter with details; the opportunity to truly see those brief, breathtaking glimpses of life that we would have missed due to our hectic lifestyle; a serendipitous conversation with people who share similar life experiences or, more simply, that fleeting moment of pure tranquility that observing a work of art in nature provides.
Those who travel slowly have a deep respect for nature, culture, and the history of the places they choose to visit. They try to immerse themselves completely by walking through the villages or pedaling along those roads less travelled.

Every single detail in Altarocca Wine Resort reflects this way of traveling and makes slowness an intentional lifestyle to give you moments of intense beauty to live and cherish.
From our widespread Resort, for example, you can slowly discover the unique beauty of the places that embrace Orvieto and the natural treasures that surround the city.
Only 700 meters separate Altarocca Wine Resort from the small medieval village of Rocca Ripesena, better known as the “Country of Roses”.
Take a short walk through the picturesque countryside to reach the extraordinary ring-shaped trail of roses that has grown and blossomed over the years, located at the foot of the tuff cliff that distinguishes the tiny town.
Moreover, Rocca Ripesena with its circuit of roses from around the world that color its alleys, walls, and courtyards, is one of the few ancient villages in the world to boast such a varied and pleasant outdoor educational path for visitors of all ages.

To continue your journey in discovering the natural beauty of our territory, a few meters from our widespread Resort, the suggestive bike route starts towards San Quirico, Montalfina and Sasso Tagliato.

In this circuit of medium difficulty, you first reach the enchanting Castle of San Quirico, then pass by the splendid site of Montalfina with its enchanted, fifteenth century village and seventh century tower, after which you cross the off-road path dug into the tuff of Sasso Tagliato to enjoy a wonderful view of the cliff of Orvieto.

As you ride your bike, surrounded only by the sounds of nature in these ancient places, time itself seems to want to stand still to grant even more beauty to the eyes of the beholder.

Once back at Altarocca Wine Resort, the delicious sense of slowness also accompanies us along the paths of aromatic herbs that connect the Borgo del Vino and Villa dell’Olio farmhouses with Villa Gualtieri, the Wine Spa, the Gualtieri swimming pool and the Invinum restaurant. Crossing the olive groves and vineyards of the organic farming estate, you also reach the Altarocca Winery and the Altarocca Frantoio, places where the products of our land such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our own Orvieto Classico wine come to life.

Authenticity has many flavors: in each of these places, we consciously chose to have our guests live that rare emotion one can only experience when encountering authenticity. After tasting our organic products in the wine and oil tastings of the Cantina and Frantoio Altarocca, the story of our land continues at a slow pace, seated at the table, where the kitchen interprets history with the aromas and flavors of seasonal, organic food and a short supply chain, conquering even the more demanding palates with the wonderful tales of the Umbrian culinary tradition.
Traveling slowly is a way of living your time on the go, an intense way filled with simplicity and beauty; a way to stay longer, a way to return.