The Orvietano is a relatively undiscovered area rich in black and white truffles, found in Summer and Autumn.

Quantities of valuable white truffles, like the famous Tuber Magnatum Pico, are hidden underground. A special Trade Fair dedicated to this particular truffle, takes place on the second weekend of November in Fabro, which is invaded by thousands of visitors determined to rediscover forgotten flavors: the aroma of roasted chestnuts, intensely rich wines and the unmistakable scent of truffles; aromas and flavors mixed ad hoc for an extraordinary weekend honoring a history of culinary ecstasy. One of the most particular moments that you do not want to miss during the exhibition is the realization of the World’s largest White Truffle Frittata, which takes place on Saturday afternoon: a gigantic iron pan, two and a half meters in diameter contains more than 2000 eggs and 30 kilos of truffle from the Fabro territory. It is a thrilling moment of great suspense involving all the inhabitants and associations of Fabro, anxious to see their town in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Pubblicato il 5 February 2017