A Romantic, relaxing getaway for couples: Altarocca wellness suites with private SPA

We have all been in love, perhaps we are at this very moment.

What makes the feeling of being in love so amazing to experience is also the thought of being able to live unique moments together with the person we love.

Not just ordinary moments, which are fundamental for putting a relationship to the test with all the responsibilities and situations that come with it, but also special occasions that we can enjoy together.

And this is not just a nice thought.

It is also a thought to cultivate because living unique moments with someone is decisive for strengthening the relationship, giving it life, helping it grow and improve in an emotional environment that is protected, appropriate, and capable of making it last over time.

If you agree with our philosophy, you can skip the next section, where we have summarized three reasons why a romantic getaway for couples is something that should be indulged in whenever possible.

You can go straight to our proposal, which has been renewed in terms of offer and especially spaces, for a vacation for two dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

During winter 2022/2023, we have imaginatively designed and finally created unique spaces for those who choose Altarocca Wine Resort as the place to nourish their love and well-being both as individuals and within the couple: we are ready to welcome you to our new Wellness Suites!

But let’s talk about the importance of unique moments together with our loved ones.

These extraordinary moments need to be sought after, given the space they deserve, and built so that they are the best way to fully experience our love.

We wanted to list three valid reasons why giving these situations the right time and importance is not only useful but also fair.

1 – A romantic getaway increases well-being and happiness

Science has shown that a couple’s happiness increases when they indulge in a romantic getaway from daily life.

The Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life published a study in this regard, which found that participants experienced a significant increase in happiness just from planning a couple’s vacation, even before experiencing it, with feelings of well-being that lasted for about 2 months.

That’s why a romantic getaway dedicated to well-being can be a decisive boost to your happiness.

2 – Relaxation reduces stress levels in the couple

We know how much stress affects our mental and physical health, and it often happens that frustration is reflected onto those who are closest to us, those we love the most.

A difficult day at work, a hastily given response or one with the wrong tone due to fatigue: we have all experienced the bad moods such behaviors generate.

Organizing a small vacation in a beautiful place, with excellent food, a good glass of wine, nature all around, and – why not – the pleasure of different couple’s wellness treatments, is the best way to rebalance our energies as individuals and as protagonists of a relationship.

3 – A few days together is the perfect amount of time to reconnect

Changing scenery for a weekend of well-being, indulging in a vacation away from the daily grind, this is the best way to reconnect as a couple.

Having no obligations, being able to enjoy quality time in one of our Wellness Suites, private SPA, or with a massage, simply watching the magic of nature together in silence.

These are simple things that allow us to reinforce that unique bond that lies behind the choice we make when we decide to have that special person beside us.

Altarocca Wine Resort for a romantic getaway: the ideal location

Altarocca Wine Resort is an ideal place to spend quality time with the person you love for several reasons.

First of all, the location: we are immersed in the incredible nature of Rocca Ripesena, known as the village of roses, in Orvieto, in the heart of Umbria and our beautiful Italy.

All around us are olive groves (ours, capable of producing an extra virgin oil that gains more elegance and ability to surprise the palate every year) and vineyards (also ours, from which we obtain wines that best represent the territory in which we are located).

To get an idea of what to expect, you can take a look at our wine resort and the video that better tells the story of the surrounding area.

At Altarocca, you also have the opportunity to indulge in a complete experience: we have outdoor activities to offer, or you can explore the center of Orvieto and the beauties that surround it (the splendid Civita di Bagnoregio is just a few kilometers away from us).

We have our restaurant, Invinum, which is ready to offer you one of the highest forms of well-being: the one that comes from delicious food, a memorable meal, and the right atmosphere at the table.

And then, Altarocca’s distinctive trait is absolute tranquility. This is also the result of complex choices we made in the past, such as the decision to be an Adult Only resort (you can read the reasons if you are interested), but also because it is carefully and meticulously protected in every detail.

And then, what has distinguished us since the early days of the resort: the care of the body and physical well-being alongside the mind, with our wellness & SPA area with pools, gym, and the wine SPA, where wine plays a leading role in well-being treatments.

But, as you read at the beginning of this post, we have done more, taken another step: we have created our new wellness suites.

Exclusive suites that have a private wellness area inside the apartment, for a truly exclusive, intimate, and unforgettable couple’s relaxation.