A recent survey performed by Airbnb indicates that over 66% of respondents plan on working remotely away from home, with the intention of doing so for an extended period. The new opportunities for remote working that allow individuals to reconcile work to a holiday location are leading more people to plan longer stays in comfortable apartments or hotel rooms during the Autumn/Winter period in inviting places by the sea, in the mountains or nestled among the hills. The beauty of the place from which we work has a positive impact on psycho-physical health and concrete implications for the company, and studies indicate that for 41% of employees it optimizes the quality of work, for 33% it affects productivity in an improved way, and for 28% the relaxing location stimulates creativity.

Altarocca Wine Resort, thanks to its delightful panoramic position, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and attentively manicured gardens, seems to be one of the locations specifically chosen for this purpose! At Altarocca the pleasure of combining a “new workplace” with the comforts of a Wine Resort occurs naturally and spontaneously.

Dedicate time to invigorating your body, mind and spirit by indulging in our oil and wine-based treatments in the Wine Spa or by exercising in the panoramic gym furnished entirely with Tecnogym equipment. Then, exercise your taste buds by exploring the organic wines of Cantina Altarocca, and our inviting menu in the Invinum Restaurant.

Another important element that emerges from the survey is that most of the interviewees benefit greatly from this new approach to Smart Working and intend to improve it, thereby radically transforming the way we envision travel in the near future. The reasons motivating the enthusiasm for this type of workplace evolution include the ability to be closer to family, working in a beautiful location stimulates creativity, and the ideal location offers the possibility of combining work with pleasure and relaxation.