Wine therapy in Umbria for a sense of Di-vine well-being at the Altarocca Wine Spa

Wine therapy is a specifically designed treatment for psycho-physical well-being, which uses the active principles and properties of grapes and their derivatives just like the products of the Altarocca Wine Spa.
Detoxifying, with antioxidants, wine therapy is a powerful aesthetic bio-activator that fights free radicals and stimulates the production of collagen by promoting cell turnover.
The grape-based treatments were already practiced at the time of Cleopatra, but wine therapy as we know it today originated in Graves, France, to then spread throughout Europe, and finally all over the world. So why not take advantage of it?

In complete safety and following the guidelines of the new Dpcm, in Altarocca Wine Spa indulge in an unforgettable wellness experience that implements our philosophy of vinotherapy and oil therapy, with our massages and rituals that combine cosmetics, nature and pharmacological science.

Experience the invigorating, yet relaxing treatments of the Altarocca Wine Spa, which features a new, natural cosmetics line based on the organic wines of the Altarocca Winery, created with a commitment to respecting man and the environment in which we live, by producing virtuous and sustainable products. From facials and relaxing massages, to baths in the traditional “tubs”, you will feel completely regenerated and achieve a relaxing sense of peace and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.